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The concert for everyone who loves Christmas and wants to enjoy it with all their senses.


Vienna, Votive Church


Kitzbuhel, St. Andreas Church

Let yourself be enchanted by the Christmas spectacle yet again this year

Christmas Spirit. The concert for everyone who loves Christmas and wants to enjoy it with all their senses. ​


Guest star Cesar Sampson

Opera singer: Alexandra Reinprecht

Star organist Ines Schüttengruber

Trumpet virtuoso Johannes Doppler

harpist Zsofia Kiss

child prodigy and pianist Sona Tamura


The artists will delight guests on December 21st and 22nd from 7:30 p.m. in the Votive Church in Vienna and the St. Andreas Church in Kitzbühel. The churches will be put in an unforgettable Christmas mood with lights, visuals and effect installations and the music will transport the listeners into the wonderful, magical Christmas season.

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The Magical St. Andreas Church, Kitzbuhel

The St. Andreas Church as an important historical and cultural landmark in Kitzbühel is the ideal venue for the first Christmas Spirit in Kitzbühel. Its architecture, interior design, location and cultural significance make it a place that appeals to visitors with its charm and spiritual charisma.

The Magical Votivekirche, Wien

The Votive Church is an architectural gem with a rich history and an impressive interior. It attracts visitors with its aesthetic beauty and spiritual atmosphere and is an important part of Vienna's cultural heritage. The Votive Church was built in the 19th century and served as a memorial for Emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria. It was built in gratitude for the assassination attempt on the Kaiser, which he barely survived in 1853. The church thus also symbolizes the cohesion of the population and their desire for peace and reconciliation. This makes the church the ideal venue for this year's Christmas spirit.

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